Hello. This is the place where I post pretty pictures.
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Hello, I know I haven’t updated this tumblr for a while but I plan to. I’m not sure if people still follow me however this tumblr is important to me.

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wait just a fucking second

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Megan Howland

wizard 2

Alice & Martin Provensen
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“Quvenzhané Wallis Study” - by Sam Spratt
AKA the 9 year-old best actress Oscar Nominee.
My accomplishments at Age 9:
I had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunchbox?
End of list.

Ramen Delivery Boy7 layers linocut - handprinted
Finished!It took so much time from the original sketch to the final print… The most difficult was to coordinate the different layers during the printing, especially on the character’s face: the shape of his head is on the grey layer, his mouth on the red layer, his nose on the brown layer and his eyes/hair on the black layer, each one being carved on a different plate. So the smallest gap could ruin everything.
We have filmed the process and should be able to post a video tutorial soon. Stay tuned!
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